Color Title Player Location Finished Date
spirits trytobe 9/3/2013
Spirits EDH kagayakutsuki 7/11/2013
White Blue Spirit T3 Terminum 5/9/2013
White Blue Spirit T2 Terminum 5/8/2013
Blue White Spirit Tokens Terminum 5/7/2013
Blue White Spirit Deck Terminum 5/6/2013
Spirits Sircumference 1/11/2013
Drogskol BecauseShutUp 7/20/2012
omg Kyte Uchiha 3/11/2012
Shirei, Zuberas Caretaker Merchant733 8/6/2011
Arcane/token casual shardofchaos 5/8/2010
Cell Block 4 (CB4) wsc_003 3/31/2006
U/W Splice Tom Wood 8/25/2005
Blått dåligt slekter 8/17/2005
U/R Splice v.2 Tom Wood 7/26/2005
U/R Splice Tom Wood 7/26/2005
Dampen Thought Thomas Wood  2005 PTQ Los Angeles Cincinnati, Ohio 5th - 8th 7/9/2005
Caretaker's Greed boardburtonvt 7/7/2005
Draw to Destroy Lawbag07 6/11/2005

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Temur dragonsteamrocketStandard
UG InfectRyan MielbyeModern
Ephara BlinkGenlemanCommander
g/w ramp and lifecateranLegacy
$50 IroasBefuddlementCommander
$50 VorelBefuddlementCommander
Sorority SistersTristamicusModern
Dromoka Enchantment Voltarcticfox2012Commander
raven guildCateranLegacy
WARPFIRE!!hybrid theoryModern
Tiny SyggblueballsCommander
GW Collected CompanyFrostySpazkinsStandard
Mono Blue Barren Gloryhybrid theoryModern
Comin at yaMtGLlamaCommander
4c Abzan DragonsJewishPinoyStandard

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