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Decklists that contain Cryptic Annelid

Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Brago smt8713 7/22/2014
Azorius Bounce LoneCrusader 1/28/2014
Merieke Enchantress akahaji 12/24/2013
Friendship edh TheEpiKninja 12/23/2013
IntetPyschicSuprise hershicon 12/9/2013
EDH wishlist Vittori0 11/22/2013
Scryzet Control Joshfred21 10/2/2013
Intet of the Future BladeofObzedat 4/30/2013
Combo 3 turn win lorenxo 2/21/2013
Scrying Charbelcher general guy93 11/13/2012
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Corrupto 8/27/2012
Rafiq pod commander dmitri 8/25/2012
blue/white Arboreth 8/20/2012
Niv Mizzet EDH Buddyboy451 8/9/2012
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
Miller Trolls DJVampiri 6/18/2012
Azorius Control V1 Lone Wanderer 5/17/2012
venser deck sherloc7 5/2/2012
Venser Shinro 4/8/2012
Venser Wizards of the Coast  Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth 3/22/2012
Venser MiniLuv 3/21/2012
Mage Niv of the Future Powerchord 2/21/2012
braids vulf 12/28/2011
RU Pact of titan Steven421 12/19/2011
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV coleman984 12/18/2011
Thada Adel firelordzero 10/15/2011
Uncommon Ho! JKV JedinightVamp 8/8/2011
ETB UGB randoman12 8/2/2011
Fun Affinity NobodyAkagi 5/7/2011
I Scry Predators nightblade47 4/17/2011
the cube smellb4rain 4/15/2011
cube smellb4rain 3/24/2011
Intet the Dreamer ballaboy161 1/19/2011
Sedris ETB aquateenman100 12/27/2010
Blue Scries flashfire3 11/17/2010
When big things attack Mikey 8/18/2010
white/blue deck control tomsliver 5/23/2010
infinite pain/ life tomsliver 5/8/2010
Future Smash reyad 1/20/2008
Updated Angelfire dakmorian 10/15/2007
2007 Regionals - 6th Place Christopher Murphy  2007 Regionals Indianapolis, Indiana 6th 6/18/2007
Spellshift (standard) dantesss 6/16/2007
The Final Touch lauq 5/17/2007
Slivers reborn TheDyingman24 5/15/2007
U/B/r Tron tkpb938 5/14/2007
Fate Blaster Plejades 5/7/2007

Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker - as low as $21.57
Sorin, Solemn Visitor - as low as $19.93
Polluted Delta - as low as $19.75
Flooded Strand - as low as $17.12
Wooded Foothills - as low as $15.41
Windswept Heath - as low as $15.23
Bloodstained Mire - as low as $14.22
Clever Impersonator - as low as $8.65
Surrak Dragonclaw - as low as $6.89
Rattleclaw Mystic - as low as $5.99

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