Color Title Player Location Finished Date
5 color spirits Bigjoe7966 8/28/2013
Spirits EDH kagayakutsuki 7/11/2013
EDH Generals sumopdude 4/15/2013
Spirit Guide daleyplanit 2/10/2013
Isperia the Budget Swordscream 6/29/2012
Legion Constentine 1/18/2012
Cheap Dimir Miller blehmeniga 6/22/2006
Brutal Lobotomy Painkiller666 5/25/2006
Blue Wave Apathy 2/26/2006
2005 Champs - 4th Place Shouichi Kimura  2005 Champs Iwate 3rd - 4th 11/7/2005
105 card deck mentalninja 9/6/2005
gift of snakes metroman722 8/5/2005
Blue Beat Decker future999 7/22/2005
wickedness 2.0 fisban 7/11/2005
Dampen Thought Thomas Wood  2005 PTQ Los Angeles Cincinnati, Ohio 5th - 8th 7/9/2005
Angry Thunder budgetdeckstome 6/20/2005

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
mono black stdfourtwentyStandard
Boros TutorKenBeereStandard
Familiar comboShinroLegacy
Bant HeroicFernanFSUStandard
Abzan MidrangewakaflockaModern
Mardu AggroPineappleStandard
Oloro Final FormDJVampiriCommander
GW WeaponsDxorCommander
Cheap RedjosephtgormanStandard
God ComplexSt. FenixLegacy
Walls MIllShinroLegacy
Teste defenderShinroLegacy
Jeskai TempobradbittmanStandard
Larson Red cade34Standard
Evil Twindragonmaster22Modern
UB TezzKlavineLegacy

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