Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Edric jrbryant315 12/24/2015
Budget Edric videogamer99 11/30/2015
Edric, Spymaster of Trest Maledicte 1/19/2015
Edric EDH TheHighlife5 1/11/2015
Edric Yeshua 10/9/2014
Edric TadTheEricKopp 7/2/2014
Edric GravyTrain 3/23/2014
Edric EDH mrhamster101 12/21/2013
Edric EDH Oscan 7/22/2013
EDH - Edric n3onlights 4/27/2013
Pauper Flying Men!!!! kasers 3/20/2013
$30 Challenge- Edric Ragnarocked 3/12/2013
Edric EDH CameronRMG 3/3/2013
Edric Derpmaster of Derp areeweblind 12/27/2012
Blue Pain in the Ass*-- Goonygoon 12/11/2012
Edric majikal 9/8/2012
Edric monobluepower 8/23/2012
Edric Commander Yoishi 6/16/2012
Edric agent.artifice 5/16/2012
Edric Pingmaster fjdkslan 4/28/2012
omg Kyte Uchiha 3/11/2012
Edric EDH Altador 11/24/2011
Phil Foglio Art U/G HoboNumber4 6/19/2011
Pirates and Ninjas 2.0 nerothemad 3/15/2011
Pirate's edh Vorvadoss 11/29/2010

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Zombie CatsoullesskillaVintage
Skyhunter ScimitarsoullesskillaLegacy
Claws Of StromkirksoullesskillaLegacy
Abzan Control BabyJojocalypsoStandard
Wurm CharmsoullesskillaLegacy
War RebbutalsoullesskillaLegacy
Blue Moon post-twinSpaceman_SplifModern
Ezuri, Claw of Budgetmdakw576Commander
Kytheon of the Parish 1itsnotmyfaultModern
UW ShamanDandtheswangModern
Needed for TazraJoshfred21Commander
UWR Spreading SeasbiboModern
Cube: The Artificial CoreHyperNVs301Chaos
Shocking Atlas RetreatHyperNVs301Modern
5 Color GoodsMossStandard
Abzan Rallyvebbing12Standard
4 Color DragonsMercurioStandard

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