Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Cromat Enchants thephife 10/10/2013
AggroBlue Horehound 10/9/2013
asdfasdf fatboyslimboy 12/22/2012
Counter-Post Stealth Uchiha 10/14/2011
Clueless Morgan's Type-4 masterc 3/25/2011
Spine chiller JosZ 7/21/2006
Memnarch Rules!!! hexyl 4/27/2004
Abeyance Lock/Control RenosanDufus 1/14/2004

Color Deck Name Creator Format
gw aurasheepyfrankLegacy
Gaddock Tokensd3@thCommander
Ugin Tronarcticfox2012Modern
G/B ConstellationKhelokStandard
Mono B DevotionSlayer131Standard
turn 1 winsheepyfrankVintage
Energizer BunnySt. FenixVintage
UG manifestA Fluffy SquidStandard
Brago's RocksShardFenixVintage
Sultai MidrangeA Fluffy SquidStandard
RW burnRileyOIrishModern
Death N TaxesHeavens KnightLegacy
Naya heroicMurderoticStandard
Energy Web of Peace LockFieryArtificerLegacy
Sultai ControlCelestialChildStandard
Witch HuntiantewksModern
Jeskai Token ProwessMaileesaeyaStandard
Jeskai Tokens (Comments?)himora21Standard
Pyromancer LoamYeshuaModern

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