Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Cromat Enchants thephife 10/10/2013
AggroBlue Horehound 10/9/2013
asdfasdf fatboyslimboy 12/22/2012
Counter-Post Stealth Uchiha 10/14/2011
Clueless Morgan's Type-4 masterc 3/25/2011
Spine chiller JosZ 7/21/2006
Memnarch Rules!!! hexyl 4/27/2004
Abeyance Lock/Control RenosanDufus 1/14/2004

Color Deck Name Creator Format
UW hate bearsTeapotModern
Naya BurnJJTrapaniModern
RW BurnwakaflockaModern
Splinter TwinwonderdogModern
Orzhov GhostwayBlackhawk23xModern
Aggro LoamsyntaxrLegacy
price checkcertModern
Mardu Tokens 3GlaciusStandard
Melira CompanyBarleyModern
Selesnya TemposillybommersStandard
Tariel the Reckonerarcticfox2012Commander
A DraMOCHA please. :DSt. FenixLegacy
Thromok for WifeAzzCommander
GR TronMavrick025Modern
Abzan BluebradbittmanStandard
Blue Cheese AggroveelhelmStandard
Abzan Doran Doran deucedoreModern
Titan BloomtheduinoelegieModern

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