Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Old_Fogey brannigans1aw 5/15/2016
1-Drop Pauper Xyx 5/9/2016
Sligh Jay Schneider 4/14/2016
helm of possesion havefun 4/12/2014
triad of the fates sinnerster 9/19/2013
Battlemage Cube codemancac 8/16/2013
Trash Legacy Death Deck malbogio 5/30/2013
Auriok Salvagers Pauper Trogdor! 1/5/2013
asdfasdf fatboyslimboy 12/22/2012
Arcum Art-ful Fun arquistar 11/11/2012
Sligh Paul Sligh 8/31/2012
mISHrA Ish 5/13/2012
tap abuse superstobie 9/30/2011
Colorless d4rka8isz 1/24/2011
ALLMYRARES Blade 8/2/2010
cheap red scarecr0w 5/18/2006
Geeba deck Jay Schneider 9/13/2004
Whale Recur Nate Heiss  Pro Tour Rome 9th - 16th 8/24/2004
Colossal Seedborn Elves Kevin Binswanger 7/15/2004

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
Tree of Phobia RileyOIrishStandard
4 CoCoDandtheswangLegacy
RW Angelskemnitz714Modern
Mardu CONTROLSerhio666Standard
WG HumanssjgreybarStandard
white KorestueyModern
UR burninakikenStandard
Gr RampBarleyModern
Bant Spiritssnip3r19Standard
gr tronsheepyfrankVintage
Blightning ShadowelementalheroflamewiModern
Budget DeliriumMjolnir1336Standard
RAKDOS BURNSerhio666Standard
WB Controlgreg9381Standard
GB RitesYokiDragonStandard
Intruder AlarmtelltalereaperLegacy
B/G Midrangegreg9381Standard

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