Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Stuff BudgetDecks 11/15/2014
unblock edh rustyspade 6/18/2013
Unnamed Blue/Black TheArchive13 10/12/2012
Educated Peasant Arachobia 3/15/2012
Fly Deck cow_hunter 1/12/2011
Fly me to the moon freeze87 12/26/2010

Color Deck Name Creator Format
UWR KikiNuri AmerModern
Raised by WolvesLupineShadowModern
[TL] Thassa High Tidevideogamer99Vintage
Affinity Pod (Modern-Ban)NinjayLegacy
Jeskai Ascendancy ComboVercetti25Modern
UG ComboA Fluffy SquidStandard
[TL] Ezurivideogamer99Vintage
R/U Aggrol0rdw4ffu1zStandard
G/R Devotion XxTPMxX97Standard
Casual Splinter TinViolenceLegacy
Mono Green Devotionjustin burkeenStandard
[TL] BUG Doomsday Oathvideogamer99Vintage
Sultai MidrangeA Fluffy SquidStandard
Mono black abzanbillyofcourseStandard
UW HeroicaidmeplatypusStandard
Esper ConrolCoryW010Modern
Grixis DelverXxTPMxX97Modern

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