Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Death by Walls spectrevr4 7/23/2014
Kazuul edh spitefulmoose 5/17/2012
Red Chaos with Joven aaeamdar 3/14/2011
Kazuul EDH Mxmlmn 1/13/2011

Color Deck Name Creator Format
manifest aggrodavee669Standard
naya catSolarm08Modern
revenge of the dorksshino353Vintage
The Damages!billybobjonesStandard
Tower DefenseKaminosaiLegacy
Izzet AggroXxTPMxX97Standard
Mono Blue DevotionNunariStandard
UG InfectFrostySpazkinsModern
mono-u DelveridontkonowVintage
Jeskai ControlWinglerw28Legacy
Draw burnironocyStandard
Esper Control v2.0MT243Standard
Golgari AggrodrizztkambizModern
Atarka goblinsCrimsonLiegeModern
Mardu ControlshyterStandard
Collected JunkflankmecaptainModern
Goblins ReworkedFernanFSUModern
Naya midrange mordernCateranModern

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