Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Your're a lizard Harry AdAchi 9/10/2013
jhoira suspendo mimete 7/5/2013
Simic search venser09 6/21/2013
Cube Blue Inigshi 9/5/2012
Jhoira of the Ghitu deck GloriousToast 7/6/2012
Common/Uncommon CUbe mountainmage 3/24/2012
braids vulf 12/28/2011
EDH Merfolk Calahagus 8/5/2010
no BioPrince 6/27/2010
Jhoira of the Ghitu edh nekrophilliac 7/30/2009
EDH Jhoira frito 6/18/2009
Merfolk Minimum Control trippster413 3/12/2008
Elementals anglachel 3/3/2008
Merfolk dragon136913 2/27/2008
Wizard Control spandyrules 2/21/2008
Merrow Mills Ukiyo 11/3/2007
Millmer eg9344 10/13/2007

Color Deck Name Creator Format
God Controlshiwei87tanModern
Abzan Collected CompanybuonoxcStandard
thraxi dueld3@thCommander
GR Drag0nsPineappleStandard
Morphin' TimeWriterofWrongCommander
RUG LoamBane(slayer)Modern
Sharuum edhd3@thCommander
RG AggroKixxLegacy
R/G HighlandergrimhallowStandard
[Modern] JundWinglerw28Modern
RWB Heroicmahalajr2000Modern
Esper Transcendent (Brew)Free7hinkerModern
Abzan CCbuonoxcStandard
Twin SilumgarSoullessKillaStandard
BR Aggrojlmf117Standard
Esper ControlMT243Standard

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