Color Title Player Location Finished Date
Core Set Mono Blue skanaras 6/11/2015
Stuff BudgetDecks 11/15/2014
Pauper Cube Buy List s0lidlyksnak3 7/11/2013
RPG Spells Cuixilfer 6/1/2013
asdfasdf fatboyslimboy 12/22/2012
-- Furwin's Want List -- Furwin 2/13/2012
Blue Green Deck Manager purplesmurf 2/6/2012
Blue Green Anti Black purplesmurf 2/6/2012
Logan Blue Control LordGoregasm 10/23/2011
Liliana pwns ZRossi 10/8/2011
mono blue, sun quan totsrule 9/28/2011
Board control a-gogo putra 9/24/2011
Flying Necrosis blackLotus7 9/3/2011
Blue and White Flying lovergurl497 7/18/2011
Flying Deck draft Dotrar 6/28/2011
Angels of the Sea magus7000 6/20/2011
Foo 123123123 6/19/2011
Flytide Leviathan Alva 5/30/2011
Counterburn v3 raider 5/23/2011
SigTauNinja iceninja 5/3/2011
Owl tugay 4/29/2011
Best Deck Ever skrillex 4/23/2011
Standard jetstrike 4/16/2011
Standard averyoftheelve 4/3/2011
4 life42 4/2/2011
standard decjk Evilmonkey 4/2/2011
standard deck DDSOUP 4/1/2011
Extras Jombi 3/17/2011
power of prophecy thorir 2/27/2011
Nihel NĂ¼ Ophet 2/11/2011
Monoblue Mill (draft) kaosblaze 1/8/2011
my fresh made blue miguelm 1/1/2011
nice made blue miguelm 12/31/2010
First try Ugrarar 12/25/2010
Dragons and Drakes jeremyusesred 11/21/2010
fire wave Nemacys 11/12/2010
Mild Annoyance aksika 9/9/2010
m11cards A-E avatar of woo 8/5/2010
UB Mill COntrol jacks9907 7/23/2010
Blue/White Tweakyth13f 7/22/2010
Sphinx/Dragon Flying Deck Noxmad 7/22/2010
edh 2 BioPrince 6/28/2010
M11 Spoilers BioPrince 6/10/2010
Aerial Assault espire 4/8/2007
Dissension magica_player 5/31/2006
Izzet of Choas Ancientdruid 1/31/2006
Sky High mtgfreak 11/26/2005

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Color Deck Name Creator Format
modern finalhegemonForteModern
Gifts 2.0TacoMasterModern
Mono Green DevotionmathroxModern
Izmagnus 1.0estranhoCommander
Momir WizardshellgrammiteCommander
Jeskai Ascendency Combobertschtree3Modern
new fritesnanojoStandard
Ezuri SnakespanfaceCommander
Bring to Light GiftsTacoMasterModern
Modern WalkerseconlolModern
Affinnity? pauperterzianLegacy
Tokens of ProgressHammer_KothCommander
Cheap BloomestueyModern
Pauper ReanimatorShinroLegacy
GW CounterscgreenmagicModern
Pauper Treasure HunterfloatwallLegacy
Wade into BattleTristamicusCommander
Plunder the GravesTristamicusCommander
Swell the HostTristamicusCommander
Seize ControlTristamicusCommander

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