Color Title Player Location Finished Date
A Beary Bad Deck Yoru_Suneku 2/24/2015
Tribal Bears Fredy728 10/10/2014
Edric EDH mrhamster101 12/21/2013
Armored bears RainyResident 9/20/2013
The Right To Bear Arms HappyHomicidal 7/22/2013
jank Edh Red green ZillerKY 7/2/2013
Grr? Growl... Neagrosk 6/6/2013
Flying Bears BlitzJones 4/16/2013
Squirrel/Bear EDH Chinchilla03 4/4/2013
JerrardPauperEDH kasers 3/18/2013
Garrus's Deck Generalian 2/12/2013
pathrazer norares hizic 2/3/2013
bear force 1 Phil Ozwald 12/14/2012
Bears imhot 12/11/2012
Bear Force One SteffenBlake 11/11/2012
Bears McQ 11/6/2012
Bearmageddon Cheezewheel 8/21/2012
DA BEARS!!! jrcelso 7/28/2012
Time Spiral block singlet Malakalam 7/27/2012
BearDH tdm5725 5/31/2012
Masumaro Likes Bears Proxy 5/10/2012
Safety Bear PendragonX9 3/23/2012
Timespiral ReverendDangle 2/23/2012
-- Furwin's Want List -- Furwin 2/13/2012
They Bring Fire Yaym 1/14/2012
Bear Tribal Timepope 10/9/2011
grafting uggoldos 8/17/2011
Bears! Lifebender 5/15/2011
Bears Nukeman8000 4/6/2011
VALVe 1.0 kubaba123 3/12/2011
Bears Roflmager 3/8/2011
Bear EDH Vorvadoss 12/14/2010
Brute force kkyash 12/4/2010
g/b/r bears Lexxicon 9/19/2010
Bears lexxicon 9/3/2010
Bears gaogaigar 8/16/2010
Angry Cuddly Bears!! rawr kohan 5/12/2010
Bears! channelblaze 5/5/2010
EDH Bears I_am_chris 4/20/2010
Bear Calling lexxicon 3/22/2010
Non Budget High Tide bluemanamagic 2/7/2010
BEAR LTAcosta 2/3/2010
Winnie the Pooh Mwhitly 12/6/2009
BEARS! seliquist 11/5/2009
Short Bear Arms!!! moat9bass 10/20/2009
Kicks.dec Loveless 7/23/2009
Bear,dedc Loveless 7/4/2009
23$ bear deck frostarior 6/11/2009
2nd Amendment Vindale 10/13/2008
Basic Green ComedyKid 10/12/2008
Bears! Bloodredrevolt 9/7/2008
Green Elven Deck luckicharm 3/3/2008
Rock pfirpfel 1/28/2008
Dragon Pair Eldarion 9/7/2007
Mean Green Pummlin' Tings DJDojo 8/22/2007
Blinking Wildly charlesblue 7/19/2007
kitty Verdeloth8 6/19/2007
budget aggro morelious 6/17/2007
Green Aggresion BOOMStcX 4/7/2007
ugly green niente 3/29/2007
Lunar wls 1/20/2007
The Gnarr Shmoko 1/5/2007
G/W/B Aggro actnhank 12/23/2006
RG Totem LD mrdehring 12/1/2006
its DA ROCK showbiz3mvp 10/15/2006
UG Fish kolorblindd 10/1/2006

Color Deck Name Creator Format
Mulchy MulchiantewksModern
modern balancejlpell88Modern
RG TronwakaflockaModern
Rith ComboCrimsonLiegeCommander
Flock TogetherSt. FenixLegacy
Cat DefenseJoshfred21Modern
Cat BeatdownJoshfred21Modern
Cat AurasJoshfred21Modern
Cat TokensJoshfred21Modern
Cat Life GainJoshfred21Modern
Cats with SwordsJoshfred21Modern
Abzan DevotionsillybommersStandard
Collected Company v2FrostySpazkinsModern
Mono White Enchantarcticfox2012Modern
Swallow People WholeWriterofWrongVintage
UWR TWIN CTRLshiwei87tanModern
Esper Twix (5/25 - 5th)Free7hinkerModern
grixis controlOldManMagic54Legacy
Esper MentorBlackhawk23xStandard

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