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Standard Metgame decks based on Top 8 frequency:
Abzan Aggro (98)
RW Midrange (96)
Abzan Midrange (73)
Jeskai Tempo (52)
UB Control (50)
Abzan Control (49)
Mardu Midrange (47)
UW Heroic (39)
Red Deck Wins (34)
Jeskai Tokens (32)
GR Devotion (31)
Abzan Reanimator (28)
RG Midrange (24)
Heroic Red (20)
GW Devotion (19)
Sultai Reanimator (16)
GB Constellation (13)
RW Tempo (12)
Sultai Superfriends (11)
Temur Ascendancy Combo (11)

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