Setting the Stage for Extended by John Treviranus

Setting the Stage for Extended

- John Treviranus
published on 12/3/2009

We have a fantastic stage set for the coming Extended season. Players tire of limited formats rather easily, but this format's huge card pool to work with gives us deck builders a real sandbox to play in.
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Preparing for the Extended PTQs

Preparing for the Extended PTQs

- Michael Maxwell
published on 11/30/2009

With Austin and Worlds behind us, there is now a fairly well defined extended metagame that we have several weeks to figure out before the new PTQ season begins in the new year.
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Bringing Down the Dragonmaster: Part II by Noah Whinston

Bringing Down the Dragonmaster: Part II

- Noah Whinston
published on 11/12/2009

Last week, I tried to take games using superior speed with my modified version of Martin Juza's Domain Zoo. This week, I look to not only exploit the success of Rubin Zoo, but the overall popularity of Zoo as a whole.
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Austinicity by AJ Sacher


- AJ Sacher
published on 10/29/2009

Two weeks before the Pro Tour, I was dead set on playing Naya. But things change, and at the event Dark Depths seemed to be the one and it was doing fairly well against everything. I had decided.
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Bringing Down the Dragonmaster by Noah Whinston

Bringing Down the Dragonmaster

- Noah Whinston
published on 10/23/2009

I think it is fair to say that Kibler's list will be one of the most played decks come Extended season. To combat this, there are three decks I want to look at that have the potential to dominate the Rubin Zoo list.
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New Extended Part 3: The New Class by Conley Woods

New Extended Part 3: The New Class

- Conley Woods
published on 9/25/2009

Today I would like to go over the decks that have sprung up since last Extended season, focusing on the new decks to come out of Zendikar. New cards have revived what were previously a dead archetypes.
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Tron in Future Extended

Tron in Future Extended

- Joseki
published on 9/22/2009

The changes that Fae will be forced to make in the new Extended opens up a great opportunity for Tron to be the blue deck of choice among PTQers, and seasoned pros alike.
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New Extended Part 2: The Survivors by Conley Woods

New Extended Part 2: The Survivors

- Conley Woods
published on 9/9/2009

This week we discuss the decks that will survive the rotation as well as talk about some of the decks that will support Extended, which are also the best place to start when looking at new archetypes.
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Fish in Extended by Pedro Rodriguez

Fish in Extended

- Pedro Rodriguez
published on 9/8/2009

Last Extended season I had several decks that never got to see the light of day. One such deck was Merfolk. Given the deck's success in Standard, there is certainly potential there to explore in Extended.
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New Extended Part 1: The Losses by Conley Woods

New Extended Part 1: The Losses

- Conley Woods
published on 9/4/2009 2:00:00 PM

With Zendikar comes a rotation that knocks Onslaught Block and 8th Edition out of Extended. To begin looking at what we now have in Extended is pretty pointless without first examining what we have lost...
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That Figures ... And Hypergenesis

That Figures ... And Hypergenesis

- TheBozo
published on 6/17/2009

Let's talk about a spicy piece of tech for Extended: The Hypergenesis Deck. Simian Spirit Guide is pretty saucy, speeding the deck up by a turn without messing up your cascades.
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