Finding the Keys in Extended by Frank Lepore

Finding the Keys in Extended

- Frank Lepore
published on 1/19/2010

More cards equal more interactions and not only that but more complex interactions. This being the case, not every player will know where or when or how to play their spells properly.
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The Many Flavors of Red by Josh Silvestri

The Many Flavors of Red

- Josh Silvestri
published on 1/18/2010

Today I'll be discussing the various Red decks in Extended and ones that are evolving toward a red splash. When talking about Red in Extended, there can be only one deck to start with and that's Mono Red Burn.
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Three Best Extended Choices by John Treviranus

Three Best Extended Choices

- John Treviranus
published on 1/14/2010

So it's that time of the year, Extended PTQ time! I feel as though these three decks will be reasonably positioned and capable of winning a PTQ at any given point in the season.
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Building a Faster Zoo in Extended by AJ Sacher

Building a Faster Zoo in Extended

- AJ Sacher
published on 1/11/2010

Extended season is starting up, and there's no deck with more expectations than Zoo. But which version do you play, and how do you get the most out of it? AJ is here with his thoughts, and storytelling...
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Deconstructing Dredge by Josh Silvestri

Deconstructing Dredge

- Josh Silvestri
published on 1/8/2010

In preparation for the current Pro Tour Qualifier and Grand Prix season, Josh looks under the hood of one of the top decks in the Extended format. What defines the different Dredge builds, and how does it fare?
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The Best Sideboards of Extended by Conley Woods

The Best Sideboards of Extended

- Conley Woods
published on 1/8/2010

Monday we went over the best decks of Extended - the decks that should be found in each and every serious Extended player's gauntlet. But to get the best testing you need to test the full matchups, including sideboards.
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Minnesota + MTGO PTQ Results

Minnesota + MTGO PTQ Results

- TCGplayer Staff
published on 1/6/2010

The results for the first MTGO PTQs for San Juan are in, so make sure you review all the decks!
PTQ: Minnesota - 1/2
MTGO PTQ - 1/2
MTGO PTQ - 1/3
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Feel the Burn: Extended Edition by William Spaniel

Feel the Burn: Extended Edition

- William Spaniel
published on 1/5/2010

Formats often have a single deck that you absolutely must beat in order to be competitive in a serious tournament. For Standard, Jund is that deck.. For the upcoming Extended PTQ season, my bet on a burn deck.
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The Best Decks of Extended by Conley Woods

The Best Decks of Extended

- Conley Woods
published on 1/4/2010 11:10:00 AM

A lot has happened since the last big Extended PTQ season; An entire block rotated, a Pro Tour shook things up, and new cards have been added to the mix. Let's take a look at how the best decks in the format shape up...
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MPR Update, and Looking Ahead by Pedro Rodriguez

MPR Update, and Looking Ahead

- Pedro Rodriguez
published on 12/16/2009

Coming out of Worlds there isn't any one deck that had a dominating performance. But there is one that I have my eye on, and it's packed with every great blue card in the format. Also an MPR update...
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Setting the Stage for Extended by John Treviranus

Setting the Stage for Extended

- John Treviranus
published on 12/3/2009

We have a fantastic stage set for the coming Extended season. Players tire of limited formats rather easily, but this format's huge card pool to work with gives us deck builders a real sandbox to play in.
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