Experiencing the New Extended by Bradley Carpenter

Experiencing the New Extended

- Bradley Carpenter
published on 7/6/2010 10:30:00 AM

We were throwing ideas around, Reveillark, Doran, Faeries, etc., then brought up that there was a RUG Junk deck getting a lot of attention. And we found out, it was for good reason.
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New Extended Speculation

New Extended Speculation

- Albert Chu
published on 6/22/2010

Fairies. Anyone remember them? I’m not sure about how dominate this deck will actually be, but I am certain that the staples from it, Bitterblossom and Cryptic Command, will find a way into the best decks in the format so pick them up while you can.
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An Extended Memorial Service by Billy Moreno

An Extended Memorial Service

- Billy Moreno
published on 6/22/2010

On June 18, 2010 (aka Black Friday) Wizards made an announcement that rocked Extended. It's a brave, new world. But I'm afraid many of us will not be comfortable living in it until we've had a chance to properly grieve.
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The Times They Are A Changin by Conley Woods

The Times They Are A Changin

- Conley Woods
published on 6/18/2010

I found it hard to pass up on talking about the huge impact and implications of the changes that are coming to the Extended and Legacy formats. Just what does this mean exactly for the players?
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The Final Innovation by Noah Swartz

The Final Innovation

- Noah Swartz
published on 4/9/2010

Thopter Depths has dominated the Extended season, but that doesn't mean that innovation is lacking. Today Noah provides a tournament report and deck analysis that shows the next steps the deck is taking.
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Why You should be Dredging by Noah Whinston

Why You should be Dredging

- Noah Whinston
published on 3/31/2010

This upcoming weekend is the last of the Extended San Juan PTQs. Thepths, the Dark Depths-Thopter Foundry hybrid, is the front runner of the field. So what can we do to exploit the holes in the current metagame?
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Bant in Extended by Frank Lepore

Bant in Extended

- Frank Lepore
published on 3/29/2010

I feel like Bant has access to a tremendous amount of weapons against the field. Let's not forget that Bant did come in 3rd-4th at GP Oakland after all. What Bant has going for it is the following...
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A Look in on Extended by William Spaniel

A Look in on Extended

- William Spaniel
published on 3/29/2010

Is Dark Depths still on top? Has RDW completely plunged out of the metagame? And is Hypergenesis finally getting the respect it deserves? Let's go straight to the numbers...
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Format Observations and Rogue Extended by Frank Lepore

Format Observations and Rogue Extended

- Frank Lepore
published on 3/16/2010

This is like a Rock deck with all the benefits of Dark Confidant and Knight of the Reliquary, but with sick blue cards, like Sower, and Clique, and Jace, as well as a Stoneforger Mystic and a Thopter Foundry package.
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A Tale of Two Halves by Conley Woods

A Tale of Two Halves

- Conley Woods
published on 3/12/2010

One of the things I was looking to do with the Bant Wagon was to capitalize on every slot, maximizing the value of each card. I think that this latest version of the deck does just that.
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Grixis Haterator by John Treviranus

Grixis Haterator

- John Treviranus
published on 3/3/2010

The deck had deeply surprising potency against Zoo, not even dropping a single game against the standard Zoo builds like the ones we saw from GP Oakland. All it needed was one little (blue) addition...
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