Looking at Standard Results and Developments by Justin Vizaro

Looking at Standard Results and Developments

- Justin Vizaro
published on 5/24/2011 9:05:00 AM

Contrary to the results from other events since the release of New Phyrexia, the Top 8 of the Cool Stuff 1K was surprisingly diverse - something quite relevant in the coming months leading up to October's format shift.
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Darkblade Battles and Looking Forward by Adam Yurchick

Darkblade Battles and Looking Forward

- Adam Yurchick
published on 5/23/2011 9:33:00 AM

UW used to be the established best deck, but the move to Darkblade has been sudden, swift and widespread. Discard and targeted removal is necessary with the sudden increase in value of Stoneforge Mystic.
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A Monoblack Breakdown, Part 2 by Frank Lepore

A Monoblack Breakdown, Part 2

- Frank Lepore
published on 5/23/2011 9:32:00 AM

Last week I went over a preliminary build for Monoblack Control. Monoblack has an incredible amount of potential right now. I suggest you give it a try if you like killing creatures, casting sick Planeswalkers, and versatile creatures.
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Charge! the Format by Greg McCleery

Charge! the Format

- Greg McCleery
published on 5/20/2011 9:52:00 AM

Darkblade and Splinter Twin, if you haven't got the memo, are vicious-good. You either stay ahead of the current best versions of those decks, or find a completely new angle to attack. Thankfully, this deck offers a way to do just that.
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The Brewery: Half Life by Justin Vizaro

The Brewery: Half Life

- Justin Vizaro
published on 5/20/2011 9:51:00 AM

The fact that our opponents will be starting at half life because of the nature of infect means it's only natural to explore the possibility of getting there with some kind of brew. Thank you New Phyrexia for Glistener Elf!
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Turn Two Baneslayers in Standard by Craig Wescoe

Turn Two Baneslayers in Standard

- Craig Wescoe
published on 5/19/2011 9:47:00 AM

A while back I discussed the extremely powerful tempo boost afforded by Chancellor of the Tangle. What I failed to realize was that a few changes to my mono-green deck weas enough to run Stoneforge Mystic and play a turn 2 Baneslayer.
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Sanity Grinding: Skulls and Skites by Nick Spagnolo

Sanity Grinding: Skulls and Skites

- Nick Spagnolo
published on 5/18/2011 10:27:00 AM

Two cards from New Phyrexia are immediately impacting the Standard format. Batterskull is horribly unfair, and Spellskite is one of the best two drops ever printed. Let's take a look at how they are shaping the top decks.
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Updating ShamanTwin by Michael Martin

Updating ShamanTwin

- Michael Martin
published on 5/18/2011 10:26:00 AM

The deck seems custom-built with CawBlade in mind. Your opponent too focused on the combo? RawrVengevineBeats! Focused on the Vengevines fetched at end-of-turn? Surprise! Fetch out and cast Deceiver end-of-turn, untap, win.
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Elves in New Phyrexia Standard by Kevin Cavanagh

Elves in New Phyrexia Standard

- Kevin Cavanagh
published on 5/18/2011 10:25:00 AM

If you read my article last week, you know that this week's discussion is going to focus on Elves and analyzing where the deck stands in this new metagame. Let's take a look at the list I posted last week to kick things off.
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Breaking (From) the Top Tier by Adam Koska

Breaking (From) the Top Tier

- Adam Koska
published on 5/17/2011 10:07:00 AM

The 'old decks' in Orlando were represented mostly by CawBlade, with the new deck being Splinter Twin combo. But that doesn't mean that there aren't other decks out there that can compete with these top Standard contenders.
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