Eldrazi Summer by Ali Aintrazi

Eldrazi Summer

- Ali Aintrazi
published on 8/24/2016 11:01:00 AM

Ali's back from the New Jersey Open, and learned a thing or two about Modern by playing a deck he's never played before. Was the Eldrazi threat really put to rest when Eye of Ugin got banned, or have our troubles just begun?
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Boros Control in Modern (Videos) by Craig Wescoe

Boros Control in Modern (Videos)

- Craig Wescoe
published on 8/23/2016 11:02:00 AM

When you think Boros, you think small, aggressive creatures eviscerating an opponent before they can even get settled, right? Well, today's Boros deck is a bit different, and who better to show it off than Craig Wescoe?
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Mining Modern - Splendid Valakut by Corbin Hosler

Mining Modern - Splendid Valakut

- Corbin Hosler
published on 8/22/2016 11:00:00 AM

In this week's episode of Mining Modern, Corbin plumbs the depths of everyone's favorite format with a Valakut/Dredge hybrid that abuses an Eldritch Moon card with a lot of potential: Splendid Reclamation.
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The Impact of Dredge in Modern by Craig Wescoe

The Impact of Dredge in Modern

- Craig Wescoe
published on 8/19/2016 11:02:00 AM

Dredge had a breakout weekend in Modern. Craig analyzes the deck in painstaking detail, calling it the new Affinity. That's a strong endorsement.
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Modern Bant Eldrazi (Videos) by Steve Rubin

Modern Bant Eldrazi (Videos)

- Steve Rubin
published on 8/18/2016 11:01:00 AM

Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad champ Steve Rubin joins the TCGplayer team this week. Give him a warm welcome as he rediscovers a deck that lit up Modern right after the Eye of Ugin ban — Bant Eldrazi.
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Eldritch Moon Makes Immediate Impact in Modern by Adam Yurchick

Eldritch Moon Makes Immediate Impact in Modern

- Adam Yurchick
published on 8/18/2016 11:00:00 AM

Last weekend the best in the world got together to play Modern in the exclusive Magic Online Champion Series, and they laid out all of their cards on the table. Adam is so impressed by the new technology in the event that he wrote an article to give you the full breakdown.
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One-Mana Wonder — Conspiracy: Take the Crown Preview by Seth Manfield

One-Mana Wonder — Conspiracy: Take the Crown Preview

- Seth Manfield
published on 8/17/2016 11:02:00 AM

We're in the thick of Conspiracy: Take the Crown preview season, and Seth's coming at us with a reprint you've been waiting for for years. Modern players, you won't want to miss this one.
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Modern W/U Hatebears (Videos) by Craig Wescoe

Modern W/U Hatebears (Videos)

- Craig Wescoe
published on 8/17/2016 11:01:00 AM

Craig's finally found the best Spell Queller deck... in Modern! In this week's video, he goes over what makes Hatebears decks so effective, and lays out how to sideboard with his latest deck: W/U Hatebears. Don't miss the videos!
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Mining Modern - Taking Turns by Corbin Hosler

Mining Modern - Taking Turns

- Corbin Hosler
published on 8/15/2016 11:00:00 AM

The "Time Walk you till you're dead" deck has been regarded as an afterthought for most of its lifespan, but Corbin's convinced the deck has real potential. He's got a lot of games with the deck under his belt, and he's laid out all his findings on the deck here.
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Modern Spirits (Videos) by Craig Wescoe

Modern Spirits (Videos)

- Craig Wescoe
published on 8/10/2016 11:01:00 AM

Craig's looking to try out some Eldritch Moon standouts in Modern. Find out how Spell Queller, Mausoleum Wanderer, and Selfless Spirit perform in-game with a Pro Tour Champion.
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Modern PPTQ Season by Ali Aintrazi

Modern PPTQ Season

- Ali Aintrazi
published on 8/9/2016 11:01:00 AM

Everyone's talking about Standard coming off Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, but there's also Modern PPTQs and this weekend's Modern Open in Syracuse! Ali's got the lowdown on some sweet Modern brews, all for you.
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