Scrubs on Top - Part Two by Shawn Houtsinger

Scrubs on Top - Part Two

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 7/14/2005

Now folks I give you what you've wanted. Here are the goods. I had 7 players keep up with me after every game with their results. A “GG” or “FTL,” sweep or no, and what they played against. I took notes for each round but they weren't extensive. I didn't predict I'd actually do as well as I did. I will say I thought I'd do a 7-2, or 6-3, a decent turn out; luck was going to be the factor for winning some of the races. I apologize in advance if I have people's names a little off or I have you for a different round; what will be correct is my score-keeping and results...
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Hate it or Love it; 'da Scrub's on Top! by Shawn Houtsinger

Hate it or Love it; 'da Scrub's on Top!

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 6/30/2005

It was weird strolling back into the festering ground of Racine Magic players. The store called One Ugly Troll is our last savior for the locals who want real games of competitive Magic and still be allowed to chew gum and drink while doing so. Yeah, the store before this was a gulag. We weren't allowed to sit back in the chairs, chew gum, eat food, or drink soda. Just sit up straight, play the game, and keep our mouths closed...

Accomplishments: HOUTS is now a Nationals qualifier! Congrats Shawn!
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MBC - Viable or not? by Shawn Houtsinger

MBC - Viable or not?

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 6/6/2005

I missed playing. I missed writing. I miss going on sleep-deprived road trips. But now...these games revitalized, along with the new sets, my urge to play. My blood started churning. Even Dan wanted to give it a shot again… and he’s been out of the game a long time. Is Punxsutawney Phil’s appearance a sign of good times to come? He’s back and has already created a stir of followers who want to play those G G cards with him...
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Scrub's Corner - Ohio Oddesey by Shawn Houtsinger

Scrub's Corner - Ohio Oddesey

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 12/28/2004

Houts tells a comical tale of his adventures on the way to an Ohio PTQ for MBC where he takes his Big Red deck to the top 8 and has a blast the whole way. He has spent a good deal of time trying to figure out the best way to beat Affinity back in block constructed. Whether you use Electrostatic Bolt or Magma Jet, one thing is for sure...burning Disciple of the Vault is fun!

This article first ran on 8/20/2004 - click to read!
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Scrub's Corner - An Ohio Oddesey by Shawn Houtsinger

Scrub's Corner - An Ohio Oddesey

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 8/20/2004

Flash forward to Tuesday's play testing at Ronald's McDonald's playpen where Steve was testing the Red splashed version of T&N. The version I thought I would see was Fireball, but he was playing Magma Jet, which definitely gave an edge against Big Red. Not only did the burn help take out Slith and Whelp, but it helped the first game against Affinity because now you have an answer against the problem child: Disciple of the Vault.... [ Read on! ]

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A Second Try and Tooth and Nail by Shawn Houtsinger

A Second Try and Tooth and Nail

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 8/16/2004

After the disaster with R/G, I decided to go with something more consistent: Tooth and Nail. That Tuesday I played the Mono-Green version similar to what Lester Smerling Top 8'ed at Misty Mountains. Steve and I got to talking about what SB options. Big Red is just problematic for this deck. First game is almost a game over, as most players are playing Slith Firewalker, Furnace Whelp, Arc-Slogger, powered by Seething Song.... [ Read on! ]

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Not so Fresh! by Shawn Houtsinger

Not so Fresh!

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 8/6/2004

I've been testing block for a while now, I have 5 decks built, complete with sideboard, and I thought that Tuesday would be a great opportunity to record actual results; considering most of the players using the decks were decent if not good players. I had a sweet tooth for Tooth and Nail, running the Eric Taylor special that includes Fireball main.

Why? Because…Seth said so, and no-one disagrees with that guy.… [ Read on! ]

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MD5-FreshMaker and Type 2 MD by Shawn Houtsinger

MD5-FreshMaker and Type 2 MD

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 7/16/2004

In my previous article I discussed the idea of Mind's Desire being run by Ironworks. Now some people were skeptical of the idea, but I kept faith. I played the deck as much as I could to find the most consistent version. While most people felt that Chrome Mox and Pentad Prism were needed to speed it up, I felt there was a lot of card disadvantage and played out less consistently. Then I saw that some people were playing at the English Nationals… [ Read on! ]

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How to Identify Cheating by Shawn Houtsinger

How to Identify Cheating

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 7/2/2004

So many times do I hear the word "cheater" without any real regard for what it really means. There is nothing more vital to card play than a fair game, a good line of communication, and good sportsmanship. If any of these factors are missing, it can cause instability and cause harm to the creditability of the game and player. Hopefully you can use this article as a guide for discriminating between a 'cheater' and someone who made a mistake or played poorly.... [ Read on! ]

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Mind's Desire on Krark by Shawn Houtsinger

Mind's Desire on Krark

- Shawn Houtsinger
published on 6/16/2004

Fifth Dawn has surely caught the eyes of every combo player out there. Krark-Clan Ironworks is going to be the most desired uncommon sought after since Fact or Fiction, and recently banned Skullclamp. After seeing this card I instantly started to work on a deck, and saw two ways to abuse KCI. Either an all artifact based deck with Mry Incubator with Fireball or Charbelcher, or Mind’s Desire....

Sean is a regular contributor to, look for more of his articles there!
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