The Ultimate Guide to White-Blue Cycling by Raphael Levy

The Ultimate Guide to White-Blue Cycling

- Raphael Levy
published on 11/8/2017 11:00:00 AM

Raph may have missed the Pro Tour for something much more important, but he has the complete primer to the White-Blue Cycling deck that went 8-2 over 10 rounds of Standard at Pro Tour Ixalan.
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Mono-White Vampires in Standard (Videos) by Raphael Levy

Mono-White Vampires in Standard (Videos)

- Raphael Levy
published on 10/31/2017 11:02:00 AM

It's not just here for Halloween - Vampires is making the rounds on Magic Online, and today Raph navigates the undead through the online metagame.
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Green-White Tokens in Standard (Videos) by Raphael Levy

Green-White Tokens in Standard (Videos)

- Raphael Levy
published on 10/17/2017 11:02:00 AM

Ixalan has some new and exciting cards, and today Raph explores one of the best - Growing Rites of Itlimoc. The result in Green-White Tokens, and he showcases it in a series of Magic Online matches.
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The Formula of Playtesting by Raphael Levy

The Formula of Playtesting

- Raphael Levy
published on 9/14/2017 11:01:00 AM

If you've never been to a Pro Tour, practicing for the big event often looks much different than what you pictured. This week, Raph tackles the myths about playtesting.
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Drapht Around the World: Kyoto by Raphael Levy

Drapht Around the World: Kyoto

- Raphael Levy
published on 8/30/2017 11:00:00 AM

In the third episode of Drapht Around the World, Raph explores Kyoto, Japan as he settles in for Pro Tour Hour of Devastation. Some Japan's greatest players weigh in on how communication barriers have diminished as Magic continues to grow around the world.
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The Aftermath of Dredge by Raphael Levy

The Aftermath of Dredge

- Raphael Levy
published on 8/15/2017 11:02:00 AM

Hour of Devastation provided some changes for Dredge, and Bloodghast expert Raph Levy piloted the new build of the deck to an 11-4 record last week at the Grand Prix. Read on for tips and tricks about new Dredge.
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Playing Marducks at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation by Raphael Levy

Playing Marducks at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

- Raphael Levy
published on 8/1/2017 11:02:00 AM

Ready to adapt to a field full of Ramunap Red? The innovative deck Raph played at the Pro Tour is perfectly positioned to take on the mono-red menace.
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Welcome to Eldrazi Summer (Videos) by Raphael Levy

Welcome to Eldrazi Summer (Videos)

- Raphael Levy
published on 6/27/2017 11:01:00 AM

Eldrazi are only around in Standard for a little while longer, but Raph thinks this is their time to shine.
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Disaster by Raphael Levy


- Raphael Levy
published on 6/13/2017 11:01:00 AM

Raph recently experienced an unpleasant surprise: the decks he's kept for 20 years as reminders didn't survive the elements. But most important are the memories those decks represent, and today he shares a few of the highlights.
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A New Control Deck to Tackle Standard by Raphael Levy

A New Control Deck to Tackle Standard

- Raphael Levy
published on 5/23/2017 11:01:00 AM

With the Standard metagame now defined, Raph has an innovative control deck ready to tackle the top decks.
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Mono-Black Aggro in Standard (Videos) by Raphael Levy

Mono-Black Aggro in Standard (Videos)

- Raphael Levy
published on 5/9/2017 11:01:00 AM

With the Pro Tour on the horizon, Raph is exploring Standard, and this week that brings him around to Mono-Black Aggro, a deck not possible before Amonkhet.
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