Designers' Deck Update: Elf & Nail by Jay Schneider

Designers' Deck Update: Elf & Nail

- Jay Schneider
published on 6/21/2004

Elf & Nail has gone from a rogue deck to one of the triumvirate of decks that comprised the U.S. Nationals metagame. This article will discuss the changes to Elf & Nail that were made by the original designers in preparations for the U.S. Nationals. These changes were successful and resulted in a 2nd place (6-1) constructed finish by Sameer Merchant.... [ Read on! ]

Accomplishments - Jay is a widely respected deck designer, with decks such as Sligh, Pox (with Andy Wolf), Frog in a Blender, and Elf & Nail to his credit.
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Designers' Deck Analysis: Elf & Nail by Jay Schneider

Designers' Deck Analysis: Elf & Nail

- Jay Schneider
published on 5/11/2004

Elf & Nail has proven itself to be a Tier 1 rogue deck. This statement is based on a quantitative analysis of Elf & Nail's record at 2004 Regionals. Of the 5 players tracked who played this deck the total record was 39-14-2, including a 1st place undefeated finish (Seattle 2004 Regionals) and a 10th place finish (OH 2004 Regionals)....
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Mirrodin Trading Guide by Jay Schneider

Mirrodin Trading Guide

- Jay Schneider
published on 10/2/2003

Going back to Alliances, I’ve been publishing set overviews based on expected long term trade valuations. Mirrodin is by far the most difficult set I’ve ever tried to evaluate. Hopefully that will make this Trading Guide the most useful to date! The rares are grouped into 4 categories: Chase, Good, Average, Poor..
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Decks of Jay Schneider by Jay Schneider

Decks of Jay Schneider

- Jay Schneider
published on 8/29/2003

The deck presented in this article is an OLS rogue deck derived from Chris Benafel’s 3 color Veggie deck, played at GP Detroit. This isn’t merely a Future Sight deck – it’s a Future Sight deck that leverages the card power of Blue to play the silver bullets found in Green and Red...
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MTGTech Deck Clinic #5 by Jay Schneider

MTGTech Deck Clinic #5

- Jay Schneider
published on 7/29/2003

The dog days of summer have arrived and with it, a block constructed season. As such we asked the Brainburst Readers for deck suggestions. There were numerous submissions but the one we choose was Justin R. Meyer's Slip and Slide deck. The final version of his deck is best described as a mono-white control variant with a splash of blue to win the mirror match and other control fights...
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M.O.: Magic Online or Manners Optional? by Jay Schneider

M.O.: Magic Online or Manners Optional?

- Jay Schneider
published on 6/18/2003

Neither I nor Brainburst regularly write social articles. Brainburst is an M:tG strategy site and I’m an M:tG strategy author. Random flammage about social issues is mostly useless, and I’m too busy to go tilting at windmills when there are decks to discuss. Occasionally though there’s an issue that can’t be ignored, one that public attention can help resolve. The issue of sportsmanship on Magic Online is one of those...
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Scourge Overview by Jay Schneider

Scourge Overview

- Jay Schneider
published on 5/22/2003

Scourge is a great set. As bad as Legions was, Scourge is equivalently good. It’s not the power level of the cards that makes Scourge a great set, it’s that the cards are interesting. For a trade value based set review this presents an extra challenge; many of the cards are long-term in their scope. This review will analyze this, but with a focus on the future...
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Scourge Pre-Overview by Jay Schneider

Scourge Pre-Overview

- Jay Schneider
published on 5/16/2003

With each Magic expansion I usually write an overview, analyzing the rares in the set. This is designed as a trading guide and as a starting point for considering Constructed deck design. This article is a Pre-Overview article discussing the cards that have been officially announced, the officially announced mechanics and a description of what I look for based on these mechanics and what I’m looking for when I review the set...
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MTGTech Deck Clinic #4: Type 2 Rock by Jay Schneider

MTGTech Deck Clinic #4: Type 2 Rock

- Jay Schneider
published on 5/6/2003

Brainburst Premium Member Kristopher Teehan presented us with the following question: I just want a Braids deck that wins and doesn't involve blue. Is that too much to ask?
We've answered Kristopher's question with an incredibly strong BG deck that combines the Extended Rock deck with a Braids/Reanimation build that's far from what the MTGTech team initially expected, and Sol Malka, the creator of the Rock deck, was kind enough to give us his take on it...
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MTGTech Deck Clinic - UW Control by Jay Schneider

MTGTech Deck Clinic - UW Control

- Jay Schneider
published on 4/9/2003

The latest Brainburst MTGTech Deck Clinic will analyze U/W Control as submitted by Brainburst Premium Member Tom Gibes. Tom's U/W Control deck focuses on traditional control elements as per the Weissman deck but also includes the Spirit Cairn/Compulsion combination as a finisher and additional control element...
Suggest a deck for Review!
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Brainburst MTGTech Deck Clinic by Jay Schneider

Brainburst MTGTech Deck Clinic

- Jay Schneider
published on 3/11/2003

For this article, I wanted to "test" the flexibility of the MTGTech reviewers. So I asked Ray to look through the submissions for a combo deck. He provided three quality choices, the most intriguing of which was the Nefarious Lich Combo deck. The reviewers more than lived up to expectations. Enough so that I went and purchased a set of Nefarious Liches...
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