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White is Awesome Again! by Craig Wescoe White is Awesome Again! - Craig Wescoe
published on 4/18/2014 10:02:00 AM

Craig is excited for white in Journey into Nyx and he thinks the set could revive White Weenie strategies. With a ton of great white cards having been spoiled, find out which are his favorites, and which are right on the cusp of greatness.
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Godsend, Eidolon of the Great Revel, and Iroas by Craig Wescoe Godsend, Eidolon of the Great Revel, and Iroas - Craig Wescoe
published on 4/11/2014 9:59:00 AM

This week Craig discusses three cards that stand out as exceptionally powerful 'build around' cards from Journey into Nyx. First let's talk about Godsend and why it's my favorite card spoiled so far, including a White Devotion list I feel it is best utilized in. Then let's take a look at a Eidolon of the Great Revel and Iroas, God of the Victory.
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Devotion to the Future by Craig Wescoe Devotion to the Future - Craig Wescoe
published on 4/4/2014 10:02:00 AM

Craig takes a look at ten of the most likely cards to rise in value once the enemy-colored gods from Journey into Nyx are revealed. Find out which cards he suspects and why as he goes over cards from each enemy-colored guild.
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Fine Tuning Boros Burn by Craig Wescoe Fine Tuning Boros Burn - Craig Wescoe
published on 3/28/2014 10:02:00 AM

Craig takes the same approach he used with Esper Control to dissect Boros Burn this week. Find out how he figured out the perfect configuration of the deck just in time for the TCGplayer Open 5ks in Waco, TX and Hartford, CT this weekend.
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Esper Control Analysis by Craig Wescoe Esper Control Analysis - Craig Wescoe
published on 3/21/2014 10:01:00 AM

Craig takes a look at seven of the most successful Esper Control lists from the past month to find out what they all have in common. Find out what configuration Craig recommends for what could be the best Esper Control list in the format.
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My Grand Prix Richmond Experience by Craig Wescoe My Grand Prix Richmond Experience - Craig Wescoe
published on 3/14/2014 10:02:00 AM

Craig goes over his tournament experience at Grand Prix Richmond, both inside and outside of the games themselves. Find out what makes tournament Magic so much more than the matches and why thousands of players are drawn to these events.
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BW Tokens in Modern by Craig Wescoe BW Tokens in Modern - Craig Wescoe
published on 3/7/2014 10:02:00 AM

BW Tokens is one of Craig's frontrunners for the Modern format right now, including the upcoming Grand Prix Richmond this weekend. Find out why he's sold on the archetype, how it fares against the field, and why he's forsaken Bitterblossom.
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Selesnya, Orzhov, and Boros Updates by Craig Wescoe Selesnya, Orzhov, and Boros Updates - Craig Wescoe
published on 2/28/2014 10:01:00 AM

Craig covers an insane nine white-based decks in Born of the Gods Standard, from Selesnya, to Orzhov, to Boros. If you're looking for an aggressive white deck, you're sure to find something that you can start attacking with inside.
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What’s the Best Aggro Deck? by Craig Wescoe What’s the Best Aggro Deck? - Craig Wescoe
published on 2/14/2014 10:01:00 AM

There is no doubt that Pro Tour Champion Craig Wescoe is an aggro player. Inside he'll go over his in depth way of determining what the best aggro deck in a given format is, along with his offering for Born of the Gods Standard.
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Top 25 Born of the Gods Cards for Standard by Craig Wescoe Top 25 Born of the Gods Cards for Standard - Craig Wescoe
published on 2/7/2014 10:01:00 AM

Following a week of Born of the Gods set reviews, Craig looks at the Top 25 cards in the set that he feels will have an impact on Standard. He will also take an extensive look at the honorable mentions.
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Financial Predictions for Born of the Gods by Craig Wescoe Financial Predictions for Born of the Gods - Craig Wescoe
published on 1/31/2014 11:24:00 AM

As with every new set, Craig goes over his financial predictions for Born of the Gods. Find out which rares and mythics you should hold onto, and which you should trade off while they're high!
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Brimaz, King of Oreskos - as low as $20.04
Kiora, the Crashing Wave - as low as $14.62
Xenagos, God of Revels - as low as $6.94
Courser of Kruphix - as low as $6.74
Mogis, God of Slaughter - as low as $5.49
Temple of Enlightenment - as low as $5.25
Phenax, God of Deception - as low as $5.00
Ephara, God of the Polis - as low as $4.00
Temple of Plenty - as low as $4.00
Temple of Malice - as low as $3.31

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