Bant Company by Craig Wescoe

Bant Company

- Craig Wescoe
published on 2/12/2016 11:01:00 AM

Craig has Reflector Mage pegged as the best white creature in Standard, and presents his version of Bant Company, going his issues with the stock list and how he plans on beating Four-Color Rally.
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An Underplayed Standard by Jadine Klomparens

An Underplayed Standard

- Jadine Klomparens
published on 2/12/2016 11:00:00 AM

When they zig, we zag. In another brilliant piece on fundamentals, Jadine details the symptoms of an underdeveloped Standard format, and how to best take advantage of one.
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Standard U/R Prowess (Videos) by Seth Manfield

Standard U/R Prowess (Videos)

- Seth Manfield
published on 2/11/2016 11:01:00 AM

First, there was the U/R Prowess deck. Once players discovered that splashing black was free, all bets were off. Watch the reigning World Champion navigate this faux-combo deck — you just might learn something.
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R/G Eldrazi — Fighting Fire with Fire in Modern by Adam Yurchick

R/G Eldrazi — Fighting Fire with Fire in Modern

- Adam Yurchick
published on 2/11/2016 11:00:00 AM

It hasn't even been a week since the Pro Tour, and already Adam's found a clear-cut way to beat the Eldrazi decks that made up the Top 8. Find out why this Eldrazi deck stands head and shoulders above the rest.
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Calling for Bans in Modern by Seth Manfield

Calling for Bans in Modern

- Seth Manfield
published on 2/10/2016 11:01:00 AM

Here are the facts: Eldrazi represented 5% of the Pro Tour. After the swiss rounds, it made up 75% of the Top 8. Is there a way to fight the archetype, or is it just too good? Find out today in Seth's Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch postmortem.
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Oath of Karn by Ali Aintrazi

Oath of Karn

- Ali Aintrazi
published on 2/10/2016 11:00:00 AM

Ali had a near miss at Top 8 at Regionals last weekend, and he's back with some thoughts on Tron. Is Eldrazi really that bad of a matchup? Ali doesn't think so!
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Standard Mono-Green Eldrazi (Video) by Conley Woods

Standard Mono-Green Eldrazi (Video)

- Conley Woods
published on 2/9/2016 11:01:00 AM

If you've been following Conley's work at all, you know he's loving ramp in Oath of the Gatewatch Standard. His column this week is no exception, as he showcases his take on Mono-Green Eldrazi, complete with live commentary.
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Fat Stacks — Kalitas, the TR8R! by Cassidy Silver

Fat Stacks — Kalitas, the TR8R!

- Cassidy Silver
published on 2/9/2016 11:00:00 AM

Cassidy continues his trek through Oath of the Gatewatch, finding the juiciest Commanders he can sink his teeth into. This week, he's got a Vampire/Zombie smorgasbord starring Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet.
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The Skinny — New Abilities in Shadows over Innistrad

The Skinny — New Abilities in Shadows over Innistrad

- Cassidy Silver
published on 2/9/2016

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More Fun with Eldrazi Displacer by Melissa DeTora

More Fun with Eldrazi Displacer

- Melissa DeTora
published on 2/8/2016 11:01:00 AM

Eldrazi Displacer has quickly proven itself as one of the most flexible, busted cards in all of Standard. This week, Melissa takes on the three-mana Eldrazi and presents a white/black midrange Eldrazi deck that takes full advantage of it.
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Weekend Roundup — Colors are Obsolete by TCGplayer Staff

Weekend Roundup — Colors are Obsolete

- TCGplayer Staff
published on 2/8/2016 11:00:00 AM

In this week's edition of TCGplayer's retrospective look at the weekend that was, we've got Pro Tour results to pore over. There are lots of folks calling for emergency bans, but the TCGplayer staff thinks there's a better approach to handling the eldrazi menace.
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