Prerelease with the ‪#‎TCGplayerBFZ‬ Hashtag

Feature Article from TCGplayer Staff
TCGplayer Staff
9/24/2015 11:02:00 AM
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Everyone in the Magic world is completely fired up for the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease, and we're sure you're no exception.

If you're going to the Prerelease this weekend, use the hashtag #TCGplayerBFZ, on either Facebook or Twitter, to show your love for Battle for Zendikar and share your experiences with the entire TCGplayer community! You can also search for the hashtag (using those links above) and get a glimpse of everyone else's Prerelease experience from around the globe, including a ton of TCGplayer employees who will be filling your favorite social media feeds with the hashtag.

So remember, stamp your posts with the #TCGplayerBFZ hashtag. Show us pictures of what you opened, your match record after a sweet win, you and your friends with Battle for Zendikar swag - everything is fair game and we hope to see how your Prerelease went!

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