International Crack-a-Pack Day!

Feature Article from Frank Lepore
Frank Lepore
7/31/2013 11:00:00 AM
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International Crack-a-Pack Day

This Friday, August 2nd, is International Crack-a-Pack Day. You can read all about what it is here, but the basic idea is that Wizards wants players to “Crack-a-Pack” on August 2nd in celebration of Magic's 20th anniversary.

So we want you to crack a pack, and show it to us! However you want! We want you to be creative, funny, interesting, lucky, whatever you think will entertain us! Something like this:

Take a picture, record a video, upload it to Vine, however you want to do it, and post them to our Facebook page here. (Please keep your submissions appropriate!) We'll keep checking in on Friday and over the weekend, and some time during the following week we'll take the most interesting submissions and post them all in an article for everyone in the Magic Community to see! Be sure to leave your name along with your submission, and if you want to represent a store, leave the name of the store as well.

So give us your best, crack those packs, tell your friends, and celebrate Magic being 20 years old! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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